A tropical underwater adventure

A tropical underwater adventure
Along the Mauritian beaches, nobody can resist a swim in the emerald sea. Beneath the surface, one can try a very different adventure with scuba diving that brings many beautiful surprises for beginners as well as for experienced divers.
The island enjoys indeed the best conditions to make diving an unforgettable experience: warm seas throughout the year, great visibility and diving sites that are quite close to the coast. Diving can thus fit into any holiday program without needing a full day planning and is available as an initiation for all or exclusive outings for qualified divers.
Underwater scenery varies depending on the region and the season. On the west coast, where the weather is calm and warm, the diving spots often located just beyond the reef, are reputed, namely Cathedral with its beautiful arches, Snake Reef which hosts a fine variety of species and the wrecks used as artificial reefs. Going southwest, diving becomes spectacular for the sports-oriented, with drifting in the passes and encounters with big fish.
On the north coast, the lagoon has some coral spots. Beyond the coral reef, the boats sailing up to the northern islets offer wonderful diving experience among the pelagic fish. On the east coast, the sea can be unpredictable due to the trade winds, but these oxygen-rich waters are very rich in coral life and shoals of fish in contrasting scenery. Going towards the southeast, the divers discover old shipwrecks and intricate landscapes of caves and tunnels.
The lagoon is shallow and offers ideal conditions for safe introduction courses to diving. More than 70 diving centres operate independently or as part of hotel services, offering the boat trip, full equipment and instructors’ guidance. Most of the clubs are affiliated to the Mauritian Scuba Diving Association (MSDA), which is the national federation in this discipline, and deliver licences that are recognised worldwide.

The island has also hosted a few years ago, the World Festival of Underwater Photography and continues to attract underwater photographers from all over the world.