Standard seats

Get your preferred seat by booking it in advance prior to check-in

Each one of us has a preference when it comes to being seated onboard:
a window seat for the view outside, or
an exit row seat with extra legroom for extra comfort, or
just a seat to be seated together with your family or travel companion(s).

Book your seat at the time that you are booking your flight, or you can do it afterward by going to Manage Booking on our web site. Alternatively, our Contact Centre may assist you.


Apart from an exit row seat, we can also offer a window, aisle, or middle seat, just to suit your preference!
Book your seat in advance to avoid any disappointment.


Prices are per passenger and per flight segment.

For flights departing from Mauritius:

Destination Price
Paris/London/Amsterdam/Geneva/Hong Kong MUR 800
Bombay/Delhi/ Singapore/Kuala Lumpur/ Perth/ Johannesburg/Cape Town/Durban* MUR 400

For flights departing to Mauritius:

Origin Price
Paris/Amsterdam EUR 20
London GBP 15
Geneva CHF 25
Hong Kong HKD 175
Bombay/Delhi INR 800
Singapore SGD 15
Kuala Lumpur MYR 45
Perth AUD 15
Johannesburg/Cape Town/Durban ZAR 150

The fee will only be applicable to flights operated by Air Mauritius. For flights operated by code share partners, seating will remain.
The fee will only be applicable to passengers booked in reservation classes L / Q / M / O / X / B / E, and will be waived for the following passengers who will continue to benefit from free seating:

Business Class
Kestrelflyer Gold and Silver
Groups (booked in reservation class G
Families travelling with infants (INF) or children (CHD)
Passengers with special needs, as designated in their reservations (e.g. unaccompanied minors (UMNR), passengers with reduced mobility in the cabin (WCHC) or on stretcher (STCR) or who are blind (BLND) or deaf (DEAF)).

Free Seating

If you do not wish to book your seat in advance, you may still avail yourself of free seating when check-in opens 30 hours before departure.

Code share Flights

The advanced seat reservation fee will only be applicable to flights operated by Air Mauritius. On flights operated by code share partners, advanced seating facility will not change and will remain as is the case today.

Terms and Conditions

Seat reservation is not guaranteed, even if confirmed and paid in advance, and Air Mauritius reserves the right to change the seating for operational, safety or security reasons, even after boarding the aircraft. Read our Conditions of Carriage for more details.
The advanced seat reservation fee will be non-refundable and non-transferable, except on involuntary basis where Air Mauritius is unable to re-accommodate the passenger with a similar seat, due to a change of aircraft, for instance.