UpgradeNow FAQs
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What is the Air Mauritius UpgradeNow service?

The Air Mauritius UpgradeNow is a service that gives the opportunity to upgrade to a higher class of service by making an offer at a price level that would be deemed acceptable by Air Mauritius. Economy Class passengers may upgrade to Premium Economy or Business Class, whereas Premium Economy passengers may upgrade to Business Class.

How can I make an offer?

You can make an offer on the Air Mauritius website at www.airmauritius.com in 3 simple and easy steps:
Enter your reservation number (PNR) and your last name, as shown on your ticket.
Enter the price which you are willing to pay for the upgrade on your selected flight.
Provide the details of your debit or credit card which will be charged only if we accept your offer.

A confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm your offer. View demo

Note that if there are other passengers on the same reservation, you will be deemed to have made an offer for all passengers, and your offer price will be multiplied by the corresponding number of passengers.

You can also ask your travel agent to make the offer on your behalf, but you may be subject to a service fee charged separately by your travel agent for the service rendered.

Will I get the same service and benefits as a Premium Economy or Business Class passenger?

Yes. You will get the same service as a premium class passenger, such as priority check-in, extra baggage allowance, extra Kestrelflyer miles, lounge access, etc. Additionally, all special service requests already made will be transferred when you are upgraded, including special meals.

How do I know if I am eligible to make an offer?

You may go directly to our website as from the next day after purchasing your ticket to check your eligibility for an upgrade and make your offer. Alternatively, at 14 days before departure, we will invite you via email to make an offer. Please ensure that you provide your email address when making your reservation.

You may not be eligible if:
You do not yet have a ticket
You are travelling with an Infant
You are travelling with a group of more than 9 persons on the same reservation
Your reservation is not yet confirmed
Your flight is less than 3 days from now (72 hours).
Your flight is not operated by Air Mauritius or Air France

Can I make an offer even if I have not purchased my ticket from the Air Mauritius website?

Yes. You can make an offer no matter where you have purchased your Air Mauritius ticket.

For which flights can I make an offer?

You can make an offer only for Air Mauritius flights with an Air Mauritius flight number originating from or departing to Mauritius, and operated either by Air Mauritius or our partner Air France.

Can I make an offer for more than one flight segment on the same ticket?

Yes. You can make offers for multiple flight segments. You will receive separate email notifications for each flight segment.

At what price should I make my offer?

We will give you an indication whilst making the offer as to the likelihood that your price will be accepted, subject to established criteria.

Are there any additional taxes to pay?

Any additional taxes applicable to a higher class of service will be included in your offer price.

Do I have to pay upfront when making an offer?

No. You will be charged only if we accept your offer.

As a Kestrelflyer member, can I pay for my upgrade with cash and miles?

No. At this moment, we only accept a valid debit or credit card for payment.

When can I submit an offer, and can I change or cancel it later?

An offer can be made as from the next day after purchasing your ticket and up to 3 days (72 hours) before departure. You may change or cancel your offer up to 3 days (72 hours) before departure as long as we have not yet processed your offer. Note, however, that we may accept your offer at any time after you've made your offer, in which case you will not be able to change or cancel your offer.

When will I know whether my offer has been accepted or rejected?

We will process your offer, and take a decision no later than 2 days before departure. You will be notified by email as to whether your offer has been accepted or not.

Can I make a new offer if my offer has been rejected?

No. However, you may buy an upgrade on your departure at the airport, if seats are available.

Will the fare conditions of my original ticket change if my offer is accepted?

No. The fare conditions for your ticket will remain the same as per the original fare that you purchased, in terms of cancelation fee, re-booking fee, minimum and maximum stay, and other conditions.

Can I change or cancel my original ticket after my offer has been accepted?

Yes. Note, however, that your offer amount will not be refunded and you may be subject to an additional charge for changing or cancelling your original ticket, as per the fare conditions applicable to your original ticket.

If Air Mauritius later cancels the upgrade, will I be refunded?

Yes. If Air Mauritius has to cancel your upgrade for any reason and is not able to transfer your upgrade to another flight, you will be refunded for the upgrade and the refund will be made to the card that was used to pay for the upgrade. You will be returned to your original class of service with the corresponding service levels, but with no guarantee that the original seat number will still be available.

Whom do I contact for more information?

Please write to us at , or call +230 2077575 (available 24/7).