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Dealing with PROCUREMENT

Air Mauritius ensures value for money in the purchase of goods and services, as well as the execution of works in a timely and cost-effective manner, while ensuring process excellence and maintaining robust relationships with suppliers.


The procurement function is responsible for the acquisition of goods, services and execution of works for Air Mauritius. 

Our duties lie in assisting Air Mauritius in dealing with the purchase of goods and services as well as supporting the execution of works necessary to implement the airline's operations and mission, whilst adhering to the principles of good corporate governance.

We believe that our suppliers play a vital role in allowing us to achieve our goals in the most effective and innovative manner and we carefully cultivate relationships with them based on sharing of knowledge and a mutual desire for process excellence. 

Against the above backdrop, we invite our suppliers to review this section carefully. Over the next few pages, we shall provide you with additional information across the following areas:

  • Supplier Opportunities – To understand the fields in which our requirements arise;
  • Supplier Registration Portal – To provide an opportunity for you to join the esteemed ranks of our suppliers and to communicate what we expect from such applicants;
  • Tender Notice – To indicate the current requirements and provide prospective suppliers with the relevant information to apply for tenders.