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Transfer to your hotel

Transfer from Airport and Hotel

This exclusive transfer service on board our helicopter is the most direct way of getting to your hotel, with an added touch of excitement!

Make it twice as nice as you save time by avoiding road traffic and experience the beauty of our paradise island from the air in one go.

Please note that transfers can be arranged from the airport to the hotel and vice versa. Check our rates

Sight-seeing tour by helicopter

Sight-Seeing Tour - An Aerial View of  Mauritius

See another side of Mauritius unfold beneath you as you rise above a panorama of magnificent lagoons, pristine coastlines, undulating sugar cane fields, and other spectacular views!

Tours last from 15 minutes to an hour, with diverse itineraries based on flight duration, helipad locations, and weather conditions.

We are pleased to inform you that customised tours can also be arranged. Check our rates

heli sights

Sight-Seeing Tour - Aerial Tours From the Airport

During your stay or before you board your departure flight, make the most of your vacation!

We invite you to enjoy the beauty of Mauritius with our aerial sightseeing tours departing from the airport. Check our rates

beach restaurant

Visit a restaurant under our Heli-Lunch facility

Who says you can’t have it all? Explore a great lunch venue while enjoying a breath-taking view from your helicopter!

We invite you to enjoy a one-hour sightseeing tour combined with a 2 to 3 hours stop for lunch at a restaurant/hotel which has a helipad. Check our rates


heli golf

Explore a green via Heli-Golf


Our paradise island has some of the most amazing golfing greens for you to explore and enjoy! Having trouble deciding which one to visit?

Let us help you make up your mind as we fly you to some of the most beautiful golf courses in Mauritius by helicopter!

Within minutes you'll find yourself on a green, enjoying your golfing experience amidst extraordinary surroundings. Check our rates

undersea waterfall


Explore an underwater waterfall via Helicopter 


A visit to Mauritius is incomplete without exploring the underwater waterfall, an amazing visual illusion!

Check our rates

heli sight

Undertake Aerial Filming and Photography


Are you visiting the island to shoot a video or photo documentary, or to film a movie? A view from up above can add wonders to the scenic beauty captured in your shots! 


We are happy to offer our helicopter facility on a rental basis for you to undertake aerial filming or photography. Check our rates