Special Meals Onboard

We offer a diverse range of special meals designed and prepared with your specific requirements in mind. Whether you have religious, vegetarian, or medical dietary needs, we can ensure peace of mind for your trip. We also provide special meals for infants and children.

Order your special meal at no cost at the time of booking your flight and at least 24 hours before departure.


Note though that a 48-hour advance notice is required for Kosher Meals due to its specific preparation process.

Availability and Allergy Disclaimer

  • While we make every attempt to accommodate your requests, Air Mauritius cannot take any responsibility or accept any liability if meals ordered by passenger are not available for any reason whatsoever.

  • Air Mauritius cannot guarantee an environment free from food allergies, including nut allergy, on board its flights. You should take all precautions necessary. We recommend that you discuss your travel plans with your doctor.

  • As a general rule, no beef/veal/pork or any products derived from these will be supplied on Air Mauritius flights. We also confirm that alcohol is not used in the preparation of meals served on our flights.

  • Only special meals listed below can be catered on our flights. We are not in a position to accommodate special meal requests such as no mushroom, steamed meals, baby non-lactose meal, and others. 

  • Any passenger who wishes to be served a halal meal on any of our flights is advised to order a Muslim meal (MOML) at the time of booking.

Meal Description and Codes

Discover our special meals and their corresponding codes to assist you to arrive at the perfect choice and place your order.