What to see in Johannesburg

Johannesburg, also known as the City of Gold or Jo'burg, is South Africa's largest city which lies on an incredible, rich history of gold mining. This city has won many hearts with its epic past and amazing tourist attractions.



See our lists of family-friendly tourist attractions in Johannesburg:


Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill

These two locations enclose a crucial chapter of South African history and portray the struggles and challenges of its citizens.

Gold Reef City

An ideal holiday spot for families and friends, with many exciting activities such as trampolines, kid and adult rides, and a variety of restaurants, fast food, and retail stores. Everything you need to keep yourself entertained for the entire day.

Johannesburg Zoo

A wildlife attraction, mostly loved by children, where they can watch gorillas, chimpanzees, rhinoceroses, camels, hippos, and many other amazing animals.

Kruger National park

A sublime wildlife park with some of the world's majestic creatures in their native environment. The intriguing aspect of it is that Kruger Park gives you the freedom to freely drive your own vehicle with your family around the park and to explore the spectacular wildlife at your own leisure.  Keep your camera close at hand to capture these memories. It is the ideal leisure activity for your children's curious young minds, where they can admire the big cats (lions) and elephants wandering around. You can get there by driving for 4-5 hours nonstop from Johannesburg to Kruger Park, where you can enjoy breathtaking views along the Panorama Route. 



Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden

It is a stunning, spacious garden with a picturesque waterfall, which makes it the perfect picnic land to relax and observe the beauty of nature.



Orlando Towers

It is famous for its thrilling bungee jumps between two immense, painted cooling towers.


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