Book now and pay within 24 hours

Planning your next trip? We provide you with more convenience and choice to book now and pay for your tickets at a later stage.


With our Pay Later option, you can book your ticket now and pay within 24 hours from the time of booking!

*Applicable for bookings made in Mauritius

Here’s how it works

  • Go to

  • Enter your itinerary and continue.

  • At payment stage, select ‘Pay Later’* as your payment option.

  • Receive a confirmation email outlining your booking, payment due date and other useful information.


To effect payment and confirm your booking (Not applicable for student and senior citizens bookings):

  • Go to Manage My Booking, retrieve your booking and complete payment OR

  • Call us on +230 207 7575, E: [email protected] (Mon-Sun 08:00 - 20:00 Mauritius time) OR 

  • Head to one of our Air Mauritius ticketing counters (Port Louis or Airport).

  • We accept the following payment methods:

    • Credit card & Debit card

    • Bank transfer (including internet banking)

    • MCB Juice

IMPORTANT: Payment needs to be settled by the payment due date specified on your confirmation email, else your booking will be cancelled.

Have a Pay Later reservation?

Retrieve your booking, effect payment and issue your ticket now.

* Not applicable for student and senior citizens bookings