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Beautiful beaches to visit in Mauritius

Visiting Mauritius? With so many beautiful beaches dotted around the island, it would be a shame to leave without exploring some of the fabulous stretches of sand beyond your hotel. Here’s five of our favourite beaches to visit in Mauritius, just waiting to be discovered…

Pointe d’Esny

pointe d'esny

Down in the Grand Port district in the south east of Mauritius, Pointe d’Esny is one of the most beautiful sweeps of pure white sand on the island. A popular spot for discreet private villas, the beach is something of a well-kept secret – though it is still possible to reach it without stepping foot on private property. Just look for a narrow pathway from the coastal road in the centre of Pointe d’Esny.

La Preneuse

la preneuse beach

Mostly popular with in-the-know locals, lovely La Preneuse beach is a quiet 2km stretch in the Black River district on the western coast of Mauritius. Home to a refurbished ‘Martello’ tower which has now been turned into a museum, the beach is also an excellent spot for dolphin watching, and pods of both Bottlenose and Spinner dolphins can often be seen cavorting off the coast.

Balaclava Beach

Balaclava beach

Located next to Balaclava village in the Pamplemousses district of Mauritius, this west coast public beach is just to the right of the Oberoi hotel, one of the most luxurious resorts on the island. The beach is renowned for its sugary white sand and exotic marine life just beyond the shallows, so it’s a great option for snorkellers. There are no facilities other than a few snack stands, so pick up some picnic supplies on your way.

Poste Lafayette


Over in Flacq is the perfect beach for adventure-seekers. Poste Lafayette offers a gentle curve of flat white sand backed by forest, with a hiking trail that leads all along the coast up to Roches Noire. In the northern section, a break in the reef allows some crashing waves to pound over the rocky landscape, but further south the reef provides shelter and swimming is perfectly safe.

Belle Mare

belle mare plage

Arguably the most famous beach in Mauritius, Belle Mare is hugely popular with both tourists and locals. Unsurprisingly, many top-notch resorts are based here, like LUX* Belle Mare, Constance Belle Mare Plage and Long Beach, though you don’t need to be a resident to experience it for yourself. The water here is shallow and calm, and Belle Mare is also renowned as the east coast’s top spot for snorkelling, particularly in the southern section.

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Photos: First ChoiceMauritius Tourist Guide, Constance Belle Mare plage

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