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A pleasant and relaxing experience, flying Economy Class with Air Mauritius is all about quality service provided by a friendly cabin crew. Be it our wide and comfortable seats,  our wholesome meals or our hand-picked entertainment selection – everything comes together for an experience that leaves you satisfied!


Before you fly


We know what it takes to prepare you for a pleasant flight with us! That is why we encourage you to select your seat in advance over the Manage Booking tab so you can get the seat of your choice – be it the window seat with the breath-taking views at take-off and landing  or that aisle seat that allows you to access the galley or restrooms with ease.


We understand that no travel experience is complete without the right clothes and accessories to carry along with you! Click on our Checked Baggage section for more details of the baggage allowance for your travel sector.

Check-In Air Mauritius

At the airport


Already checked in online? Great! You now simply need to drop-off your baggage at the drop-off point* and complete the required procedures at the airport you are departing from.

Didn’t have time for an online check-in? Check-in at an airport kiosk*, and our helpful staff will assist you with your baggage at the drop-off counter so you can move to immigration without a hassle or proceed to our Premium check in counter.

* where available



    Air Mauritius Economy ExperienceOn your flight

    Your cabin comfort matters

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight! At Air Mauritius, we understand that cabin comfort goes a long way in determining the quality of your inflight experience.

    Our new generation and ergonomically designed seats on our Airbus A350 and A330neo provide you with the legroom and space that you need. A comfortable seat width of 18”/A350, 17"/A330 Neo and a 6’’ recline on both aircraft sets a new benchmark in comfort in Economy Class. With an adjustable headrest, a flip cushion that offers back support and a seat extension, our Recaro seat in the A350 and A330 Neo is a dream come true for long-haul economy passengers looking to get some sleep on their flight.

    On our Airbus A330-200,  Economy Class seating offers a comfortable and spacious option for all passengers. With a seat pitch of 32" and a seat width of 19", you'll have plenty of legroom to stretch out and relax. The comfortable recline of 6" also allows you to adjust your seat to your preferred position, ensuring a comfortable flight experience.


    Air Mauritius Economy Experience


    Food that reflects our Mauritian mosaic 


    Taste our fresh meals inspired by diverse cuisines and discover flavours especially made for you by our creative chefs. Our meals come accompanied with a full range of complimentary drinks so you can indulge yourself with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages between meals. You can also enjoy a snack service on some flights. Read our Inflight Menu section for more details on what to expect in the dining department while flying with us.





    Air Mauritius Economy Experience


    Watch in wonder 

    Enjoy our hand-picked selection of movies, TV shows and music. Our A350 and A330neo aircraft all come equipped with the cutting-edge AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) experience that will leave you hungry for more. Spanning from blockbusters to documentaries, our wide-ranging Inflight Entertainment Programme caters for various audiences with multiple cultural backgrounds. 

    Our A330-200 also offers  AVOD,  the same entertainment programs which includes a variety of options such as movies, TV shows, music, and games . Furthermore, for the convenience of our passengers, In seat power supply is also installed for charging personal electronic devices.

    Enhance your experience by purchasing lounge access, selecting your seat.