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Mauritius ... there’s a reason why our island is everyone’s dream destination…

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About Mauritius

Mauritius is a tropical paradise island nestled in the Indian ocean, off the south-east coast of Africa. The official language is English and French is also predominant, followed by creole which is spoken by the locals. The time-zone is UTC+04:00 and currency is Mauritian Rupee. 

Mauritius enjoys a mild tropical climate all year round with two seasons: Summer (December - April) and Winter (May - November).


Mauritius parks


There’s something for everyone. Long stretches of white sandy beaches, turquoise blue and crystal-clear sea waters, an exciting variety of marine life and of course its premium hotels. You can explore all the beaches throughout your stay, Mauritius being a small breath-taking island.


Mauritius Chamarel



Mauritius boasts a rich history and a unique blend of cultures and ethnicities, and this shines brightly in its language, food, music and festivals. While touring the island, enjoy the local specialties: 'gateaux piments', 'dholl puri', fried noodles, boiled pistachios, farata, taro cakes (gateaux arouille), 'alouda', coconut water among others.



    Mauritius parks


    Its mountainous landscape makes it a thrill-seeker’s paradise, with countless activities like zip-lining, quad-biking, walk with the lions and hiking. Experience our varied panel of attractions: active beach life, lively restaurants, excellent spots for sailing, wild cliffs, charming fishing villages, walks in the nature, and many more. The diversity and beauty of this idyllic island makes it an enchanting travel destination in its own right.

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    As we continuously welcome more visitors back to our island, we also want to ensure that you adhere to all measures and requirements that are in place prior to your arrival.  Find out more about the latest travel advisory for visitors traveling to Mauritius.


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