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expectant mothers

We take care of you while you take care of the life inside you! Expectant mothers can travel in comfort with Air Mauritius as we keep your safety and that of your unborn child in mind.

Expecting a new addition to the family doesn’t mean that travelling is off the cards for you! 

Expectant mothers with normal pregnancies may travel on Air Mauritius up until their 28th week of pregnancy, unless otherwise advised by their doctors.

Read our special conditions for pregnancies beyond 28 weeks or those with complications.

Preparing for travel

Travel safe 

If you are in normal health with no pregnancy complications, we endeavour to keep your travel experience as normal as possible. However, beyond 28 weeks, Air Mauritius requires you to produce a medical certificate specifying your expected date of delivery and any special requirements so that we can serve you in the utmost comfort at this advanced stage of your pregnancy.  

Pre-book your seats 

If you have any special requirements, such as an aisle seat for easier access to the restroom or refreshment areas, we request you to pre-book a seat at the time of making your reservations.


On board

Comfortable seating

At Air Mauritius, we understand that you have special needs while pregnant and ensure that expectant mothers are seated in a manner that minimises discomfort. In particular, we take care that pregnant ladies are not given seats adjacent to high activity areas such as emergency exits. 

Special extras just for you

Don’t hesitate to ask us for an extra pillow or blanket if you wish to cocoon yourself in padded comfort! We are aware that you are more susceptible than usual to temperature changes and need all the extra care you can get.

Special conditions for pregnancies beyond 28 weeks or with complications:

  • For pregnancies beyond 28 weeks or with complications, please complete the Air Mauritius Medical Certificate For Fitness (MEDIF), duly signed by a registered gynecologist / obstetrician and submitted for approval by the airline's medical doctor. Passengers who are required to fill in a MEDIF form will not be able to purchase their tickets online. Please contact our 24/7 Reservation team at [email protected] for your booking. Please inform us of your travel plans at least 72 hours before departure, so that there is sufficient time to process your medical clearance.

  • Further, some authorities (for example, Malaysian authorities) refuse entry to foreign women with advanced pregnancies beyond six months (equivalent to the end of week 27 of your pregnancy), except if they are in transit for less than 72 hours, with no extensions allowed.  

    While we try our utmost to provide you with all information in advance, it is recommended you additionally check with the concerned authorities of the countries you intend to visit prior to your travel.

Tips to travel in comfort

With our tips and tricks for expectant mothers, you won’t just be travelling in comfort on Air Mauritius flights, but slaying the travel monster in style!


Wear clothes that are comfortable and layered.
Hot tip: Pull on compression stockings to facilitate blood circulation.

Blood circulation

Stretch your legs from time to time to avoid constraining the flow of blood.
Hot tip: Make sure you attach your seat belt below the abdomen, low on the pelvis.


Water is the source of life! Make sure you keep your fluid intake high.
Hot tip: Avoid carbonated beverages, as they could cause acid reflux.


Keep your meal portions small and frequent. 
Hot tip: Keep hunger pangs at bay with snacks at hand.



Pre-book your seat so you can choose a seat close to the restroom or refreshment area, depending on your needs at the stage of your pregnancy.
Hot tip: Ask for an aisle seat so that you can leave your seat whenever you wish.


Travel date

It is best to travel before you reach week 37 of your pregnancy.
Hot tip: Avoid travel during the 7 days following childbirth as you and your little one would have lowered immunity in the critical period.