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Obtain your E-boarding pass and save time

Electronic boarding pass is accepted on flights departing from Mauritius, Paris, South Africa, London and Reunion.


How to obtain your electronic boarding pass?
  • When you check-in on your mobile device, click on the ‘Boarding Pass’ button to view your e-boarding pass.
  • Take a screenshot of your boarding pass (showing the QR code and flight details) and save it on your mobile device.


I have downloaded and saved my boarding pass on my mobile. How do I use it at the airport?

You are required to show your E-Boarding Pass at the following locations:

  1. At the baggage drop-off counter if you have luggage to check in
  2. At the Immigration and Security checkpoints
  3. At the boarding gate – place your mobile device showing the QR code in front of the gate reader to scan the E-Boarding Pass and board the flight directly.

Present it to the cabin crew when boarding the flight.

Should the passenger’s mobile device be unavailable or malfunctioning, they need to go to a check-in or baggage drop-off counter where a printed boarding pass will be issued to them.

Please do note that any hard copy of the E-Boarding Pass that has been printed by the passenger is NOT a valid format of Boarding Pass and will not be accepted.