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Fall in love with air travel all over again as you experience the luxury of flying with Air Mauritius Business Class!

From streamlined booking and priority check-in to generous baggage allowances and boarding in advance at the airport, to the full-flat comfort of our seats and individual big screens to view our hand-picked entertainment selection on the flight or to read your favourite newspapers and magazines on your eReader, or to enjoy lounge comforts with us or our partners, our Business Class passengers can truly experience the best of what we have to offer*.

* service available on selected wide-bodied aircraft

Before you fly


Wondering how can you choose your preferred seat from which to enjoy the many amenities on offer in our Business Class experience?

Access our free advanced seat selection facility over the Manage your booking tab and choose the seat you prefer.


In Air Mauritius Business Class, you get to carry not just all you need for your journey – but also all you want to take with you for a truly special experience!

We are pleased to offer two pieces of hand baggage (up to 7 kg each) and two pieces of checked baggage (up to 32 kg* each) for passengers flying Business Class.

* At certain destinations this is limited to 30 kg according to local regulations

At the airport



Experience the perks of flying Business Class with our priority check-in facility! Seamlessly complete your check-in formalities at our premium counters the moment you arrive at the airport.



Relax in our award-winning Amédee Maingard Lounge at the SSR International Airport in Mauritius or in the plush environs of partner lounges worldwide, which we have hand-picked for your comfort.

Present your boarding pass to unlock these privileges and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the airport.




Priority Boarding

As a Business Class passenger, get ready to experience the best of what we have to offer! Enjoy the red-carpet treatment as you board at your own convenience with our priority boarding facility.


On your flight

Raise a glass to a special journey

The culinary experience begins even before you take off! Relax with welcome drinks in hand, including a sparkling glass of champagne, ahead of your flight’s departure. Our hand-picked Duval-Leroy Brut is a great-tasting champagne of golden colour with light bubbles. Take a sip to feel a velvety softness in your mouth and savour the pleasant aroma of chocolate as you enjoy your drink. Let the magic begin even before you are up in the sky!

Wine as you dine

Our wine selection is hand-picked by master sommelier David Biraud, who has won the prestigious titles of Employee of the Year, France, in 2004, the Best Sommelier of France in 2002, and the Best Young Sommelier of France in 1998. Based on over two decades of experience, he has put together an amazing selection of wines which, served in the skies on Air Mauritius flights, gives a delightful foretaste of your fantastic holiday to come. Titillate your taste buds as you browse through our discerning selection of wines.


Meals that reflect our rich culinary heritage

Our menus have been carefully designed to reflect the diversity of our local cuisine. Just like our people, our cuisines also come from different continents to create a harmonious blend that constitutes the unique and unforgettable Mauritian experience. Check our inflight menu.


In-flight entertainment that is truly on demand

Experience on boardOn board our aircraft*, individual large full HD 15.6-inch screens and noise-cancelling headsets allow you to enjoy your entertainment the way you want it. Our cutting-edge and interactive AVOD (Audio & Video on Demand) system allows you to pick the movie of your choice and watch it at your own pace, with options to pause, rewind, forward, and stop as you enjoy each moment of your flight with us.

Who knew flying could be such a pleasant experience? Feel well and truly spoilt for choice as you browse through a hand-picked and wide selection of movies, TV shows and audio albums from old classics to the latest releases.

* Facilities available on select aircraft only 

We think of all you could need – and more!

Forgotten to carry any last-minute accessories you need on your trip?

In our stylish bags, you will receive a plethora of practical amenities such lip balm, hand cream, body mist, dental kit and more.

Your private space in the sky

Wish you had your personal space in the sky, far from the crowd?

Wrap yourself in a plush cocoon of comfort as you travel in a comfortable full-flat seat.* Sink back into luxurious seats that offer you full privacy and your own personal space in the sky.

Travelling with a partner? We have seats that ensure your experience is twice as nice and allow you and your travel companion to have a quiet conversation.   

Need to work on the go or focus on your business projects, undisturbed?

Find a plethora of business amenities and work accessories at your fingertips to allow you to tackle work projects even when you are thousands of feet up in the air. Be it a power outlet for your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, an adjustable reading lamp, a handy storage area or noise-cancelling headphones, you have all you need to focus on your business while flying with Air Mauritius Business Class.
* Facility available on a majority of our aircraft.

There’s always extra space in our hearts for our Business Class passengers!

Enjoy a cabin service that is tailored to your every need and enjoy a truly personalised experience as you travel with us.

On Arrival

We make it our business to ensure that our Business Class passengers get the red-carpet treatment all the way!

Relax in the warm comfort of our hospitable touch all the way till you reach your final destination. Upon landing, your baggage is delivered first, so you can save time and head out of the airport at your convenience.


As the whole world searches for happiness – be it the happiness of relaxing on the beach, soaking up the sun, or feeling the hospitable touch of a warm and smiling people – we invite you to experience the true taste of happiness as you travel with Air Mauritius Business Class.