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Love the adrenaline rush? Mauritius has the best spots for those who love their vacation spiced up with a dash of excitement. Wimps are not invited.

Beach and water-based activities

With more than a dozen beaches catering to any and all types of water sports/activities, adrenaline junkies will be spoilt for choice on where to go. We suggest heading to the nearest beach and enquire about what you’d like to do. Whether it’s riding a speedboat, a catamaran, canoeing or kayaking, you’ll find it all on many of the island’s beaches. However, for strong swimmers and adventure seekers, here are three beaches that you will love:

La Cambuse is one of Mauritius’ most undiscovered spots. Currents here are very powerful so it’s perfect for strong, confident and competent swimmers only. Belle Mare Plage is the best beach to take a dip just as the sun is coming up. Again, the current here is stronger than at other beaches, so swimmers should take care. It’s also windier here, so it’s a great spot for windsurfing.


Gris Gris Beach is near some of the most majestic rock formations and greenery on the island. But what attracts the crowds are the cliffs which are the perfect takeoff point for some cliff diving. The area is also popular with the younger crowd who love to camp on the cliffs.

Swim like a dolphin

Want to try something more adventurous than just snorkelling? Try a Seabob! This unique underwater vehicle will take you down 2.5 metres deep and let you experience the pleasure of gliding through the waters of Grand Bay Beach. It’s an experience not to be missed!


Hike the 7 Cascades of Tamarin

Mauritius is blessed with a volcanic terrain that makes for great hiking trails suitable for all hikers from beginners to experienced hikers alike. While great trails can be had at the Black River Gorges national park, we recommend taking in the hikes and views of the 7 Cascades of Tamarin. You’ll get your fill of breathtaking mountains, rivers, forests and the famous waterfalls during this hike.


Take a seaplane flight

Taking off and landing on water is an experience not to be missed, especially if you get to see the sensational views of Mauritius from the air. One of the highlights of a seaplane flight is a view of Montagne du Morne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Try a ULM

Up the ante in the risk department with a flight in an ultra-light motorised glider, which seats only one to two people. Strap in and let the heady experience of flying over beautiful views and blue lagoons take your breath away. It’s an experience you won’t forget for sure!

Fly like a bird

If plunging through the air gives you thrills, then skydiving is for you. With its azure waters and lush green tropical vegetation, Mauritius is the perfect view from the air. Plunge down at great speed for a heart-pumping adrenaline rush before your skydiving guide pulls the chord to open up the parachute. Then you get to enjoy the view in a more leisurely fashion as you descend slowly towards land. A typical tandem skydive lasts about four to five hours, including a safety briefing.


Buggy on down

For the speed freaks, try driving a buggy and exploring Mauritius’ rugged landscape, which you can rent from various outfits at Casela World of Adventures and Black River Gorges national park. A typical ride will take you through forests, sugarcane plantations as well as rocky plains that will surely test your driving skills, but allow you to explore the hidden nooks and crannies of this fascinating island.


At Frederica Nature Reserve, you can try quad biking, trekking, Segway or a 4×4 discovery tour. Mauritius’ version of the Garden of Eden covers 1,300 ha of breathtaking views and pristine vegetation just begging to be explored. It’s also a protected area, so you’ll likely see rare flora and fauna.

Also a protected area, Black River Gorges is excellent for hiking. A hike through this beautiful park will take you to the heart of the forest, where you get to learn about the local settlers, the beautiful and exotic flora and fauna and appreciate the island’s dramatic geographical formations — the park is named for the wide and beautiful gorge that curves dramatically between a series of mountains. Adding to the beauty are waterfalls. 

Want more adventure?

Head to Le Domaine de l’Etoile. This 1,200-ha former sugar plantation will surely satisfy your need for thrills. Native forests, lush valleys, and dense vegetation make for an exciting place to explore. Try the longest zipline in the world, if you dare! Choose from seven ziplines, with the longest a breathtaking ride 3,500 metres above stunning views. If driving through stunning landscapes and lush vegetation is more your speed, try quad biking, to observe deer, exotic birds and boar or ride a buggy in the evening, to see animals in the wild. Le Domaine de l’Etoile also has horseback-riding, hiking, archery and a host of other fun activities.

Another park that can satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie is Ile aux Cerfs. One of the most popular ones is the Treetop Adventure Park, one of which will surely challenge you.

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