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Sleeping in a bubble on an island

What is the most amazing overnight environment you can imagine? Surely, staying in a glass bubble on a beach on a private island must come pretty high up that list? Stay in a glass bubble

That’s exactly what’s now on offer on the island of Ile aux Cerfs, east of Mauritius, explains this piece over on Xposé.ie.

‘Ever dreamed about living in your own little bubble on a tropical island? Well, now you can – literally’, it starts – in an ‘eco-lodge glass bubble’.

‘Designed to blend into the beautiful natural surroundings, allowing guests to experience them close-up, the three lightweight ‘Bubble Lodges’ have been built using minimal, recyclable materials and without harming flora or fauna.’

But before you worry it might be a bit close to camping, it’s really not.

The three lodges are well separated, so each very private, two on the beach, one in a Banyan tree! And each has a bathroom, air conditioning, and a lounge area.

Plus, ‘they even come with their own butler to meet your every need’...

Check out the Xposé.ie piece here.

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