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Smart City coming to Mauritius

Most of us, if we think of Mauritius, think of ‘beautiful beaches’. So starts this interesting piece over on Comms MEA.

Smart City 

We don’t, probably, think of smart cities.

But that’s exactly the idea behind new investment in Cap Tamarin.

‘Africa’s largest mezzanine fund manager, Vantage Capital, has announced that it has provided US$10 million of mezzanine funding to Cap Tamarin’.

This is a ‘residentially-focused “smart and happy” village located on the west coast of Mauritius, in a seaside village called Tamarin. The idea is for Cap Tamarin to be an integrated “work, live and play” environment that is “technologically-focused, intelligent, innovative and sustainable.”’

And it’s real. Money has been invested, and ‘things really are happening on the sun-kissed ground,’ says Comms MEA, ‘as Cap Tamarin has already received Smart City Scheme certification from the Mauritian government’.

Smart part

The plan is to build a 400,000 square metre development, including a ‘landscaped park facilitating direct access to the Tamarin beach and lagoon’, says the piece.

‘But these are just some of the physical buildings. The “smart” part will be executed through a range of public services such as schools, a smart citizen advice office, a post office, and cultural and innovation centres. The innovation centre is key, as plans are for it to be used by start-ups, SMEs, and research-based organisations.’

Here’s a quote from Zaheer Cassim, Associate Partner at Vantage Capital:

‘Tamarin is an old fishing village that is to be transformed in an environmentally-sensitive manner into a well-planned residential area. The village is surrounded by hills in the east and the beach on the west with the Tamarin River running through it and represents an ideal location for a development of this nature.’

Sound exciting?

See the piece over on Comms MEA.

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Photo by Guillaume Baudusseau on Unsplash

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