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The best souvenirs to buy in Mauritius

 Taking home a memento of your travels is one of the best ways to re-live your journey after you return. Conjure the sights, sounds and smells of your adventure in Mauritius with our guide to the best Mauritian souvenirs…


Best souvenirs to buy in mauritius

A revered local delicacy and probably the most popular sweet treat on the island, Napolitains are 100% Mauritian. Easy to replicate at home (but never quite the same as when eaten on holiday) Napolitains are simply two pieces of buttery shortbread filled with jam and entirely coated in a layer of sweet, pastel-coloured fondant. Try any local bakery for a box to take home. For a great Napolitains recipe, take a look at food and travel blog Je Papote.


Best souvenirs to buy in Mauritius

Mauritius is home to some seriously skilled textile workers so don’t miss the opportunity to stock up on brightly coloured and finely patterned items such as sarongs, saris, silk scarves, wall-hangings, bed linen, cushion covers and tablecloths.


best souvenirs to buy in mauritius

If you’re interested in food, culture and history, then no visit to Mauritius is complete without a visit to the Bois Cheri Tea Estate. Mauritians have an enduring passion for tea, and as a visitor you can explore this further by following the Tea Route - a culinary journey into the history of tea production in Mauritius. Grab a favourite blend or infusion to take away, from black teas flavoured with coconut and bergamot, to herbal teas with ayapana or lemongrass.

Model boats

Arts & crafts - Boat making

One of the best known craft industries in Mauritius is the production of model ships, the finest examples of which can be found at the M.A.S.T gallery at the Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis. Here, you can witness up close the incredible concentration and focus required to build these intricate reproductions, and if you want to take one home they’ll pack it up for you and have it waiting at the airport for your return journey.

Sega music and the ravane

Best souvenirs to buy in mauritius

Lovers of music from different cultures will find no more authentic souvenir than a traditional ravane. This percussion instrument is considered the ‘heartbeat’ in a performance of Sega – the island’s much-loved national music and dance genre – and is made from wood bent into a circle and covered with stretched goatskin.


Best souvenirs to buy in mauritius

Rum is everywhere in Mauritius, drunk neat, used in cooking and of course, mixed into an inordinate variety of cocktails. If you want to take back something truly homegrown, pick up a bottle of Pink Pigeon rum, named after the nation’s rare endemic bird. This single estate rum is produced at the Medine Estate in the west of the island, and gets its vanilla-tinged, easy-to-drink flavour from the blending of three unique botanicals.

Sugar and spice

Best souvenirs to buy in Mauritius

Amateur chefs, foodies and lovers of exotic flavours will find plenty of ways to spice up their cooking in Mauritius. As a major sugar producer it’s not hard to find different types of the sweet stuff, from dark to light, in all kinds of raw and processed versions. Those looking for more of a kick should seek out the herbs and spices used in savoury Mauritian cooking, like carri poulé, saffron, cardamom, chili peppers, fenugreek and cinnamon.

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Photos:Napolitains by Je PapoteSilk ScarvesSega Dancer by KateWoods72 on FlickrPink Pigeon RumSpices  

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