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Why science says relaxation is good for you

Relaxation, deep breathing, meditation, yoga, pilates, mindfulness. Everyone knows these activities are supposed to be good for us, but is there any actual evidence to back this up?

Well – as it turns out, there is. In fact, over the past few years there have been numerous scientific studies aimed at substantiating these claims, including a five year investigation on the mental and physiological health benefits of yoga conducted by a Harvard Medical School psychiatrist, with the findings published in the medical journal PLOS One (Public Library of Science). According to Bloomberg Business, the study was the first with a specific focus on highly-stressed individuals, and its use of neuro-imaging showed how mind-body techniques like yoga and meditation are able to switch on and off certain genes linked to stress, immune function and inflammatory response.

An article from the TED non-profit organisation details another four studies, whose findings demonstrate the beneficial effects of meditation on heart health, creativity, speed of information processing and levels of stress. So, it seems that the current trend for mindfulness is a whole lot more than a fad.

In Mauritius, the pursuit of relaxation is taken very seriously, with many resorts employing high profile experts to guide visitors through a tailored programme of mindfulness which they can take away with them to use in their daily life back home. So if finding equilibrium is one of your top holiday priorities, why not consider one of the following destinations for your next visit?

The Oberoi


The idyllic spa at the luxury five-star Oberoi hotel is surrounded by a dense tropical garden and indigenous trees, sheltering it from the distractions of the outside world. This peaceful sanctuary offers a number of different therapies including Ayurvedic, Thai and Balinese, along with Hatha yoga, t’ai chi, breathing exercises and meditation classes.

Shanti Maurice


Shanti Maurice is renowned for its 75,000 foot Nira Spa, which places great emphasis on personal mental health alongside its diverse and extensive range of treatments. Grounded in ancient traditions yet totally relevant to modern day living, Shanti’s yoga and meditation classes seek to balance the mind, body and spirit, leading ultimately to optimum health.

LUX* Grand Gaube


LUX* Grand Gaube’s unique LUX* Me concept makes use of its integrated spa to offer a combined programme of fitness, spa, yoga, retreats, nutrition and experiences into a single venue. Guests can select anything from luxurious beauty treatments and massages to invigorating fitness sessions, with resident LUX* Me experts on hand to help each guest devise a personalised experience carefully tailored to their specific needs.

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Photos: The OberoiShanti MauriceLUX* Grand Gaube

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