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At Air Mauritius your safety has always been our topmost priority. During these unprecedented times due to COVID-19, the health and safety measures for our customers and personnel have been reinforced. Our services have also been reviewed and adapted for a safe travel.

Safety and well-being onboard

Mauritius is re-opening borders for international travel as from 15 July 2021, with different requirements applying for vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers. 

As the national airline of Mauritius, Air Mauritius remains committed to its national responsibility and continues to operate special flights on ad-hoc basis for repatriation and/or medical reasons, and cargo flights to a number of destinations.. Air Mauritius reassures its passengers and the public in general that the company fully adheres to the COVID-19 protocol in force in Mauritius.

In full compliance and even beyond what is recommended by regulatory bodies like the World Health Organisation (WHO), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the European Air Safety Agency (EASA) and other aviation partners, Air Mauritius has implemented strict sanitary measures accordingly at all customer touch points.

All our services are aligned with the best practices in the aviation industry which are regularly updated to meet the best standards in order to offer you a safe journey with us. Find out below about the sanitary measures implemented for your safe travel.

Cabin Crew
Our trained personnel

All crew, ground personnel and staff are trained and equipped to apply the highest standards of health and safety for the management of communicable diseases.


All our crew members and ground staff at the airport are fully vaccinated. They are provided with N-95 masks and sanitizers, and are also subject to temperature checks at the airport.


Our crew members comply to self-isolation, PCR tests and hotel confinement where applicable.


Cleaning of aircraft


Cleaning of aircraft 

A reinforced deep cleaning and disinfecting protocol has been implemented for all our aircraft cabins including high touch surfaces, all cabin items and service equipment among others before and after each flight. Full disinfection of the aircraft including cargo holds is conducted with products recommended by local and international regulatory and health authorities.

On board lavatories are tidied and cleaned at regular intervals.



At the Airport

With all the precautionary measures now in place, the check-in and boarding processes are longer, and passengers are required to arrive at the airport 3 hours (4 hours in Mauritius airport) before the scheduled departure.

It is mandatory to wear a face mask at all times at the airport, onboard and while commuting to designated hotels. 

Airport authorities have arranged for the availability of hand sanitisers at every point of interaction and at the airport restrooms.  Passengers are requested to make frequent use of hand sanitiser during their transit at the airport.

All passengers are screened with thermal scanners upon arrivals and departures.

At check-in, only confirmed bookings will be entertained. Physical distancing has been integrated in queue management.

Our Amédée Maingard Lounge at SSR International Airport will be reopening on 15th July 2021.  

Air quality onboard for your safety

Cabin air quality

All our Airbus aircraft are equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air filters also known as HEPA filters, and offer air quality similar to that of hospital operating blocks. The air on-board is totally renewed and purified every 3 minutes on our Airbus fleet.

On ATR72 aircraft, air quality is ensured by the continuous fresh air supplied from Environment Control System packs and the high renewal rate of the cabin air volume.


On Board

As far as possible, families and travel companions will be pre-seated together.  However, it is not always feasible to apply physical distancing with respect to seat allocation on board due to aircraft mass and balance considerations.

Wearing of mask is mandatory throughout the flight, except when eating and drinking.

Physical distancing is to be maintained on board when queuing for lavatories, while disembarking and when advised by the crew. Movements in the cabin should be reduced to the minimum.

Galley areas should be kept clear at all times and a maximum of three passengers is allowed while queuing up for the use of lavatories.  

You are strongly recommended to use the call bell for cabin crew assistance. 

You may wish to consult IATA’s page for more information about the low risk of contamination in flight. sanitary kit

Services and accessories

Headrests, blankets, headsets and pillow covers are washed, sanitized and packed according to international standards.

Inflight service has been adapted in order to minimise interaction. Paid champagne offers in economy class, duty-free sales and onboard wifi services are temporarily suspended.

A sanitary kit containing surgical masks and sanitary gel will be offered to all travellers on our international flights. Furthermore, a comfort kit is offered on our long haul flights.

A selection of movies, music and games is available on our flights.

Prior to your flight we encourage you to download your selection of digital newspapers and magazines from more than ±7000 digital publications available. Your selection can be read before, during and after your flight.



All requirements issued by health authorities applicable at your destination must be adhered to. You may obtain information here and more information from the respective embassies and consulates. Air Mauritius will assist you wherever feasible. 


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