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Passengers requiring special assistance

Unaccompanied Minors

Is your child travelling alone? We help you plan your child's trip and make sure he/she travels safely with us.
  • Children between 5 and 14 years old may travel alone as Unaccompanied Minors (UM) on our flights.
  • For travel to Paris and via Paris, UMs can only travel on flights operated by Air Mauritius. The above restriction applies equally to our interline and code share partner. 
  • Guardians must inform Air Mauritius of UMs at the time the flight is booked and fill out the necessary documentation. A service fee may apply.
  • For UMs, the applicable fare is the Adult fare. Note that such tickets cannot be purchased online. Please contact us for your bookings. 

At the Airport

Do you have a child who needs to travel alone? At Air Mauritius, we care about the safety of your little one, just as much as you do!

When your child is accepted as UM, we take full responsibility for them:

  • From the time you as a parent or guardian pass the child into the care of Air Mauritius at the airport of departure.

  • Until the child is handed over to the person meeting him/her at the airport of arrival.

We do our utmost to ensure that your child is closely supervised whilst in the care of Air Mauritius. Particular vigilance is exercised in the case of older children since we understand that there is a real danger that such children may get distracted and wander off.


We also understand completely that younger children, especially those who are not used to be away from their parents, need a good deal of attention and understanding. As such, we ensure that your child is duly escorted to the aircraft and assisted through controls by an understanding and supportive staff member.


On your part, to ensure the safety of your little one, we request that:

  • You or another person who is seeing off your child at the airport wait at the departure area until the flight has taken off.

  • As a parent or guardian, you ensure that your child is met at the destination.

At Check-In


At Check-in, we request parents or guardians to ensure that:

  • All travel documents are in order for the whole journey

  • The UM Handling Advice Form is properly filled in and signed by you, together with a proof of identity.

  • You remain at the airport until the aircraft is airborne.

On our part, we guarantee that our staff shall:

  • Review all these documents with a fine tooth-comb to ensure that your little one’s journey goes off without a hitch.

  • Provide your child with a UM wallet for easy identification as a priority passenger

  • Duly label your child’s baggage with a UM sticker and load it in the priority container for convenient collection at the point of arrival.

Before the flight, we make every attempt to ensure that UMs are allowed to remain with the persons seeing them off for as long as possible so that the little ones are duly prepared for departure.

Finally, we shall advise you once the flight is airborne, so you can make your way home in the comfort that your child is on their journey safely to their ultimate destination.


On the flight


Is your child travelling alone? At Air Mauritius, our flight shall serve as a home away from home for your little one!


For your child’s comfort, Air Mauritius ensures that unaccompanied minors are pre-boarded and handed over to senior staff to take care of their needs at every step.


Safe and comfortable seating

Your child shall be seated in a manner most suited to their comfort and your peace of mind.

  • Seats shall be close to the food preparation areas to ensure that your child is promptly served refreshments and snacks throughout the flight
  • Seats shall be allocated as far away from high activity areas such as emergency exits as possible.
  • Finally, and most importantly, no unaccompanied minor shall be seated next to a male passenger. 

Upon Arrival

Do you need to see your child off as a solo traveller? At Air Mauritius, we will look after your little one’s comfort and security till they are delivered safe and sound into your arms!

Even before the flight lands, we ensure that appropriate arrangements are made to meet your child upon arrival. 

Safe and smooth handover

Our check-in officer assumes full responsibility for:

  • Collecting any travel documents from our cabin crew for your child.
  • Escorting your child through the whole transfer period until departure and assisting your little one through all formalities for the connecting flight.
  • Accompanying your child at all times, even in the eventuality that the flight is cancelled at the transfer station.
  • Ensuring that the parent or guardian receiving the child shows appropriate identification and is the one mentioned on the Declaration Form.
  • Getting the parent or guardian to sign on the Declaration Form before the child is safely handed over to him/her.

In addition, for a journey involving multiple airlines, Air Mauritius takes responsibility for the child from the point another carrier hands him/her over to us, or conversely until he/she is handed over to another airline.