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18 Holiday Packing Tips

Our holiday packing tips will ensure you're ready for your getaway with Air Mauritius

Packing doesn’t need to be stressful or last-minute if you take a little time to think about how you want to enjoy yourself on your escape and what you really need and, importantly, don’t need.

Here’s a quick checklist below to get out two weeks before you go to make sure you can relax and not worry about what you’ve left behind.

Remember Mauritius is a vibrant, living and working island, so you will be able to get most things on the island even if you do forget a few things – take it as an opportunity for some retail therapy. You won’t regret a trip to the markets for some clothes, food and drink or general mementos.

Holiday Packing Tips

Holiday packing tips for a stress free holiday

1) Have holiday lists you can keep (e.g. Summer, Winter, City break, Ski…), so you can revert to them each time.

2) Look at any medicines you need and make sure you have enough for the trip

3) Look at any holiday health items you need to buy (e.g. suncream) and what you can buy air-side or on the island to save space

4) Save your hand luggage for personal essentials

5) Invest in a lightweight suitcase, it’ll be worth it in the long run

6) Brighten up your suitcase with colourful ribbons or bands, so you can identify it quickly and keep track of it

7) Roll clothes and use vacuum compression bags (or packing cubes) to save valuable space

8) Make use of empty spaces such as shoes or trainers

9) Pack light-coloured clothes inside and out and use disposable shower caps over your shoes to avoid stains

10) To prevent liquid leaks use clingfilm and tape

11) Think about ziplock bags for items with wire such as phone chargers, camera chargers, adaptors and headphones – they can also help keep things together at security

12) If you have a guidebook, photocopy pages or take images on your phone, or take your ebook-reader

13) Luggage scales will almost certainly save you money in the long-term

14) For makeup, use a layer of cotton wool to stop powder and eye shadow cracking

15) To keep all your clothes fresh, put a scented fabric softener or bag of pot pourri in your luggage

16) Have a go-to bag of random but useful items such as a sewing kit, string, safety pins, pens, tissues, ear plugs, mini LED torch, tweezers universal bath plug etc.

17) Save space for holiday purchases – there’s lots of great stuff to buy in Mauritius

18) Hang any creased items in a steamy bathroom to get clothes back into shape

Holiday packing tips to make your holiday got without a hitch

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