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Colourful island: Mauritius 360

 When it comes to colour, few nations on earth can offer the same variety and richness of hue in such a tiny area.

Take our seas. The waters surrounding Mauritius are blessed with a full spectrum of blues, from the deepest indigo of the open ocean, to the palest aquamarine of our lagoons.


Then head inland. Here’s where you’ll discover the depth of our greens, from the luxuriant shimmer of swaying sugarcane fields, to the deep, dark emerald of Black River Gorges national park.


Our sunsets are legendary. The golden buttery light of late afternoon swells to a burning crimson as the fiery ball dips below the horizon, creating molten streaks of peach, pink and russet as it fades.


And then, when evening comes around, bolder shades of red, orange and purple represent the passion of our people, who’ll come out in force for our famous sega nights or other entertainments like fire and dance shows as seen here at Hertitage Awali Golf & Spa resort.


If you want to explore the authentic colours of Mauritius for yourself, a good place to start is the new Otentik Discovery app designed by Attitude Hotels. Download to your smartphone and start discovering off the beaten track experiences, including exceptional sites and the best places to meet local people. It’s a new way to uncover the real Mauritius in all its rainbow-tinged glory.


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Photos: Mauritius, Black River Gorges, Sunset, Sega, Otentik

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