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Recipe: Chilli Fritters Curry

We’re happy to welcome Mauritian chef, Brinda Bungaroo, back to the Made in Mauritius blog this November for a tasty and warming dish: Chilli Fritters Curry.

These Chilli Fritters are a tasty treat for any occasion

Brinda has created some mouth-watering dishes for us before from aromatic fried fish and spiced papaya compote to saffron baked salmon fillet. Below she explains how to prepare this delicious meal.

Mauritian cuisine as we know is a real blend of spices. When the word “gateaux piments” is mentioned, everyone gets quite excited (they are those little Chana dahl and chilli fritters). So I have this as my go-to dish when there’s any leftover chilli fritters to be used and made into a really delicious curry, fit for any occasion.

This recipe is yet another dish that takes me back to beautiful Mauritius. This is my version of what we call “Carri Barri” which is simply a Chana chilli fritters curry with aubergine. It is one that you can make very quickly while using up leftover “gateaux piments” and can be enjoyed with fluffy pharata or simply plain boiled rice.

Since I have already posted and shared the “gateaux piment” recipe I will only list and share the curry version for this dish.


All the ingredients you need for delicious chilli fritters


Serves 4

·Gateaux Piments

·3 small aubergines – cut into small chunks or strips

·3 Tbs curry powder

·½ tsp cumin powder

·Few methi seeds

·½ tsp panch puran

·1 medium size onion - sliced

·Few fresh curry leaves

·1 tsp ground ginger

·½ tsp garlic paste

·1 medium size tomato - chopped

·Handful of fresh coriander – chopped, including the stalks

·Some chopped spring onion

·Vegetable oil

·1 Tbs vegetable ghee (optional)


Chilli Fritters Curry is a simple to prepare dish


1. Start off by frying the aubergines pieces. Place a deep saucepan on medium heat, add a little oil. Once warm add aubergine and leave to shallow fry until soft and golden, remove and leave aside. (If you are worried about frying aubergine you can follow the steps below). 2. In the same pan, add the chopped onion, chopped coriander stalks, curry leaves, methi seeds and panch puran, cumin powder. Take care not to let the spices burns, keep a close eye, add the ground ginger and garlic followed by the curry powder and tomatoes. Leave to fry gently (at this point if you opted not to fry the aubergine, add the pieces now and leave to simmer with a little water). Season with salt.

3. Once the aubergine is cooked, crumble a few “gateux piment” and add to the sauce (If you have fried the aubergine, add them now to the thickened sauce). Adding crumbled “gateau piments” will make the sauce really thick and rich. Now add the rest of the “gateaux piments” to the pan.

4. Leave to simmer on gentle heat for 2-4 minutes. Turn off the heat, add the chopped coriander, spring onion and drizzle with some vegetable ghee.

5. Serve warm with either pharata or rice.

Brinda’s Note: It’s a perfect vegetarian one pot dish to share with family and friends.

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You can see more from Brinda on her blog and her Instagram account.  

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