All coconut!

All coconut!
Nothing more tropical than the image of a coconut. A fruit that is very present in the Mauritian lifestyle and used and eaten in every possible way. The name itself is highly symbolic, as “Coco” means “darling” in local Creole.
Coconut is highly popular among locals as well as visitors and it is found in nearly all the gardens and parks. The coconut tree was introduced in Mauritius by the Dutch in 1601. Coconut oil – extracted from the nut’s copra – was used to fuel oil-lit lamps.
Today, coconut is appreciated as a natural and refreshing drink. The coconut water is drunk straight out of the fruit, in front of market stalls and on our beaches. The vendor cuts through the nut, reaching the heart of the fruit to get a straw to the sweet water. Its time for you to enjoy a thirst-quenching experience in the cool shade of a filao tree. Coconut water is also added to alcohol and other fruit juices for delicious exotic punch served as sundowners…
In the kitchen, the coconut flesh is used for savoury treats, such as chutney- a blend of grated coconut flesh and mint leaves- creating a delicious condiment served with local dishes. On the sweet side, the grated flesh is mixed with sugar, milk and food colouring to make the tasty multi-coloured Mauritian coconut ice. Shaved coconut is also sprinkled on cassava or maize puddings.
Last but not least, coconut is also a favourite crafts material. It is polished and cut to make young and trendy fashion jewellery, so easy to wear.