TV Series

Modern Family

S2, Ep 1 : The Old Wagon - Claire finally convinces Phil that it's time to get rid of their old station wagon, and it prompts everybody to take a trip down memory lane.

S2, Ep 2: The Kiss - Cameron is upset with Mitchell's lack of public affection, Gloria gets back at Jay for disrespecting her Colombian traditions, and Claire goes overboard as Alex tries to get her first kiss.

S2, Ep3: Earthquake - When an earthquake hits the area, Claire gets locked in the bathroom with a plumber and Manny reevaluates the meaning of life while on a trip with Jay.

The Big Bang Theory

S3, E1: The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation - After returning from the North Pole, a conflict among the guys sends Sheldon back to Texas and interferes with Leonard's reunion with Penny.

S3, E2: The Jiminy Conjecture - Leonard and Penny's first night together goes awkwardly. Sheldon and Howard wager on the species of a cricket.

S3, E3: Gothowitz Deviation - Sheldon attempts to covertly alter Penny's habits, while Howard and Raj try their luck meeting women at a Goth-style club.

New Girl

S1, E2: Kryptonite - Nick and Schmidt convince Jess to get her stuff out of her ex-boyfriend Spencer's apartment; Jess meets new roommate Winston who tries to get his old room back from Schmidt.

S1, E3: Wedding - The guys are invited to a wedding of a mutual friend. Nick, fearful he will run into his ex Caroline, asks Jess to be his date. Meanwhile, Winston takes his role as an usher very seriously…

How I Met Your Mother

S4, E1: Do I Know You? Ted and Stella get engaged, but Ted soon learns that he doesn't know anything about her. Meanwhile, Barney confesses to Lily that he's in love with Robin.

S4, E2: The Best Burger In New York - Marshall claims that he had the best hamburger in the world during his first week in New York City, but he forgot its location. The gang then hits the streets of Manhattan to help him find it.

Mr. Bean

Mr Bean purchases a new TV, but experiences a spot of reception trouble. He then takes a stroll in the park to try out his new camera, which is stolen. During an identity parade Bean does his best to discover the identity of the thief.

Two and A Half Men

Charlie must decide between his fiancée, Chelsea and his old flame, Mia.


Since the only man she has ever fallen for left for Hong Kong, Miranda has done little more than sit in front of the telly with a packet of biscuits. Miranda starts a new regime, determined to get fit, lose weight and become a new woman.

30 Rock

Jack is back from the island getaway where he married Avery. He fills Jonathan in on the details, including how Liz had to stand in as a last-minute best man. Jack check his marriage license only to realize it has Liz's name on it!


"The three women every now and then visit Rani Devi in the nether world. Pranks, mishaps, actors turning into vegetables and tons of bumbling jumbling mumbo jumbo make Shararat a truly magical comedy. "

Office Office

Watch Mussadi Lal, ‘the’ common man in this comical satire with shades of farce that are sure to take you away from the regular drawing room comedies.

Naya Office Office

Watch Mussadi Lal, ‘the’ common man in this comical satire with shades of farce that are sure to take you away from the regular drawing room comedies.


Adam is 18 years old. He deals with his parents, friends, worries and teenage dreams. This series is a chronicle of everyone’s lives (friendship, love, jobs, dreams…) seen from a teenage point of view.

Computer Baby

When childless Wei and Meng pretend to have a son to make Wei's father happy they think they have it made, until Wei's father decides to move back to China. Desperate, they turn to a strange doctor with a strange solution: a computer baby.

Instant Khichdi

"The characters of Instant Khichdi are a part of a typical joint family. However, this family has one thing that makes it distinct - they are funny. They laugh and make others laugh. "

Kavdee Khatti Meethi

"Take a conniving grandmother-in-law, put in some chaos with a perplexed mother-in-law, add a little something of a clumsy and cunning daughter-in-law and conclude it with some teary-eyed husbands and you’d get a comedy! "

Sarabhaiv V/S Sarabhai

"Sahil, the protagonist, is a cosmetic surgeon, a guy with a golden heart who can never say 'no' and gets caught between his mom and wife. Monisha, Sahil's wife, is a middle class girl, is a 'nosey' daughter of a detective. "

Downton Abbey

S2, Ep 1: Matthew is fighting in the horrific Battle of the Somme but at Downton Robert is given a courtesy title but deemed too old to fight, and William, forbidden by his father to enlist, feels frustrated.


S8, Ep 1: Eleven months after driving his car into Cuddy's house, three of which were spent on the run and the other eight in prison, House goes before the parole board and learns he has only five days left before he is released.

Gossip Girl

S6, Ep 1: Chuck and Blair make a promise to each other about their relationship which leaves them apart again. Dan, with some help from Georgina Sparks is writing a scathing tell-all book that can only mean trouble.


S1, Ep 2: Harvey discovers that the judge in his patent case has a personal vendetta against him, while Louis tries to blackmail Mike in order to get his help bringing in a valuable client.

The Mentalist

S2, Ep 1: While the unit tackles a murder case involving a woman who stole a million dollars from her employer, Patrick finds out that they have been removed from the Red John case.

S2, Ep 2: While CBI investigates the murder of a California state senator's aide, Patrick works on his own under the assumption that the victim was having an affair with a member of the senator's family.

S2, Ep 3: A child rapist from agent Lisbon's past is shot and killed. The evidence points to Lisbon herself, but she has no recollection of the night in question.

S2, Ep 4: The team investigates a dangerous biker gang in order to gather information about the death of the attorney who represented the gang.

S2, Ep 5: An architect is killed in the old mansion he recently bought, and the investigation reveals rumors of a haunted house and hidden treasure, as well as the angry descendants of the original owner.

S2, Ep 6: While CBI investigates a homicide over what appears to be over a land claim, Patrick is put in jail for spying on Sam Bosco to get information on Red John.

S2, Ep 7: Patrick and the rest of the CBI team is forced to work together with Patrick's nemesis in the office, Sam Bosco, in order to find a kidnapping victim.

S2, Ep 8: Red John strikes again, this time in the CBI office, leaving three agents dead and Sam Bosco in critical condition.