Mauritius Helicopter Ltd
Mauritius Helicopter Ltd
Our company offers a range of helicopter services to take you directly to your hotel or provide you with an opportunity to discover Mauritius in a truly original way - an option that saves time and makes for an unforgettable experience!

Helicopter Service, how it works?

Our crew will greet you upon arrival at SSR International Airport or your hotel helipad and provide you with personalized service during check-in. You will board on one of our Bell Jet Ranger helicopters equipped with 4 passenger seats. Throughout the flight, our pilots - trained in the safety standards of Mauritius Helicopter Ltd (MHL) - will give you an overview of Mauritius as you fly over amazing landscapes and get to know the country's topography and contours en route to your destination.

Transfer from Airport and Hotel

This exclusive transfer service on board our helicopter is the most direct and enjoyable way to get to your hotel. Save time by avoiding road traffic and experience the beauty of Mauritius from the air. Transfers can be arranged from the airport to the hotel and vice versa.

SIGHT-SEEING TOUR - An aerial view of Mauritius

Let another side of Mauritius unfold beneath you as you rise above a panorama of magnificent lagoons, pristine coastlines, undulating sugar cane fields, and other spectacular views. Tours last between 15 minutes to 1 hour, with various itineraries based on flight duration, helipad locations and weather conditions. Customised tours can also be arranged.

SIGHT-SEEING TOUR - Aerial tours from the airport

During your stay or before boarding your departure flight, make the most of your vacation and enjoy the beauty of Mauritius with our aerial sightseeing tours departing from the airport.


Enjoy a one-hour sightseeing tour combined with a two-hour stop for lunch at a restaurant/hotel which has a helipad.


Fly to some of the most beautiful golf courses in Mauritius by helicopter. Within minutes you'll find yourself on a green, enjoying your golfing experience amidst extraordinary surroundings.


Experience a memorable helicopter tour or a premium airport transfer and enjoy the unrivalled luxury of our Amédée Maingard Lounge upon your departure from Mauritius.


Take a helicopter tour to enjoy the scenic underwater waterfall.

Aerial filming and photography

Our helicopters can be rented for aerial filming or photography.

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