Discovering “Ile aux Aigrettes” nature reserve

Ile aux aigrettes
Mauritius once enjoyed a predator-free environment. Situated close to the south-east coast, Ile aux Aigrettes welcomes all nature lovers as a perfect show-case of what the costal ecosystem was like before the arrival of man.
Ile aux Aigrettes became a nature reserve in 1965. The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF), a local NGO dedicated to the conservation of rare species, has put tremendous efforts in this 26-hectares coral island, to get rid of exotic species and let the original forest recover. Other species such as birds and the giant tortoise have also been re-introduced.
Thus Ile aux Aigrettes has become a beautiful ecological spot that is worth discovering. Take a walk along the « Dodo Trail» and on your way, note the various wood species such as ebony, bois bœuf and bois clou. Find the Pink Pigeon perching in the trees and the Telfair’s skink hidden in the leaves. Admire the lazy giant tortoises grazing the undergrowth and the local fruit bats hanging head down from the branches.
Along the interactive tracks and paths, you will notice positive results of the continuous efforts to reintroduce species such as the Gunther gecko, the Olive White-Eye bird or the Mauritian Fody, a little endemic songbird. The island also hosts a nursery used to propagate rare plants. One of them, the Yellowwood (Ochrosia borbonica), has only four specimens existing in their natural habitat, including one on Ile aux Aigrettes. You will also have the opportunity to see the Earring trees (Trochetia boutoniana) that are specific to Mauritius.
Ile aux Aigrettes is a green haven with unique species to discover. Visits are organised upon reservation only.