Enrolment in the Kestrelflyer programme

How do I enrol to become a Kestrelflyer member?

Any individual aged above 12 can become a member provided he/she has travelled at least once by Air Mauritius during the last 12 months.
You can apply online. Alternatively, application forms are available at all Air Mauritius offices worldwide, in-flight and at your travel agency.


How do I ensure that my miles are credited automatically?

You should:
Quote your membership number every time you make a reservation on Air Mauritius and partner's flights.
Show your card when you check in at the airport.
Ensure that the name on your ticket is as per your passport.
Keep proof of your travels on Air Mauritius in case it might be required.

How long does it take for my miles to appear on my account?

Please allow 1 week to confirm your travels on your online statement.

How do I check my miles online?

Through our website by using your password. The password is obtainable by online request.

Does a frequent flyer earn miles on an award ticket?

No. Award tickets do not carry miles as is the case for Industry and Agency discounted tickets.

What is the lifetime of my miles?

Miles have a life time 3 yrs and expire on a monthly rolling basis

Does a frequent flyer earn miles on a non-Air Mauritius flight?

No, except if he/she travels on a partner's flight under the MK code (MK quota of seats).
However, redemption is possible only on some partners operated flights.

Who can be my nominees as per the Family scheme?

You can include your spouse and children OR your mother and father.


When can I start registering my nominee?

After full membership is given. Please click for online registration of nominee.

Can nominees accumulate miles?

No, nominees cannot accumulate miles but they can pool 50% of their miles with their parent member.

Is a nominee a card holder?

Nominees will be given a Red card which will bear an identification number

Who can be my beneficiaries as per the Family scheme?

You can include a maximum of 5 persons of your choice including your nominees who have been pre-nominated upon application.

Can Beneficiaries accumulate miles?

Yes. Beneficiaries can cumulate miles on their own account provided they are also a member of the programme with their own account.

Can I change a beneficiary?

Yes, subject to certain conditions and on payment of an administration fee of €50.

How does my Nominee differ from my Beneficiary?

Your Nominee (who is not a full fledged member) will give you 50% of his/her miles as per above criteria whereas your Beneficiary can hold a full membership and will accumulate miles on his/her own account.

With whom can I share my awards?

You can share your awards with both your nominees and beneficiaries who can be five in total.


What should I do if I want to use my miles for an award?

If it is a free ticket, you can redeem awards online or you can make an award request online or alternatively you can fill in an Award Request Form and forward it to :
The Customer Loyalty Centre on Fax no +(230) 2023230
Any Air Mauritius offices - click 
For any assistance you may call on Customer Loyalty Hotline :+(230) 2077800
For upgrading & Excess baggage - No online redemption is available, but online request can be made or you can forward an Award Request Form as above.

Is there any restriction for the award of a free ticket or an upgrade?

The award of free tickets and upgrades will be subject to availability.

What kind of charges are associated with a free ticket award?

All applicable taxes including but not limited to fuel surcharges and security charges are to be borne by the member at the time of ticketing.

What is the maximum period allowed to stay on particular destination on a free ticket?

2 months.

What happens if I want to change my date of travel?

You have to notify the Customer Loyalty Centre.Date of travel will be changed subject to seat availability and a penalty charge of €40 for groups A to E and €25 for group F will be applicable. 

Will my miles be reinstated if I cancel an award which has not been used?


Can I pool miles with another Kestrelflyer member to get an award if I do not have enough miles for an award?



How do I change my personal details such as address, phone number, e-mail, etc.?

You can update your profile online by clicking here. You can alternatively make written request to Airmate Ltd either by fax (+230) 202 3230 or post (10th Floor, Wing A, Cyber Tower 1, Ebene). Envelopes should be marked "Kestrelflyer" on the top-right corner.

As a Kestrelflyer Elite (Gold) card holder which lounges may I use?

Our network designated lounges can be used when travelling on Air Mauritius.

Can somebody else use my Kestrelflyer card when travelling on Air Mauritius?

No. Kestrelflyer cards are personal and non-transferable.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

You should notify the Customer Loyalty Centre. An administration fee of €10 will be charged for replacement of misplaced / lost cards.