What is Promo Code? Who can use it?

This option is for free Wi-Fi access throughout the flight. Business Class passengers and Kestrelflyer Gold members must select this option and enter the 7-letter Wi-Fi access code already provided to them via email to connect.

I do not have my Wi-Fi Access code for free internet access. How can I get it?

Go to to retrieve your code. This user guide details the steps to do so.

How do I track my internet consumption usage?

The progress bar on your browser indicates the time and data left. When the session is over, you will be redirected to the Purchase page to allow you to buy a new session if required.

I have purchased a Plan but cannot connect to the internet. Why?

a. Check the cruising altitude; Wi-Fi is enabled only when the aircraft has reached 10,000 feet.
b. Check the coverage map; the service is disabled over certain countries we overfly due to their airspace regulations.

I was browsing the internet when the connection was suddenly interrupted. What do I do?

Certain countries we overfly do not allow Wi-Fi use over their airspace. For this reason, you may experience temporary disconnections. Note that this is totally out of our control. Wait till we fly out of that territory for the connection to be restored. You can check the flight path and the coverage map to see if the country being overflown allows this service.

Why can’t I access certain websites despite being connected?

In order to ensure appropriate onboard use of World Wide Web browsing, web content is filtered and/or blocked according to a set of pre-defined categories. These include, but are not limited to:
Violence (depiction and promotion)
Arms and the trade in arms
Drugs/drug culture
Nudity, nude pictures and lifestyle
Adult material
Sexual acts, pornography
Sites of a militant/extremist nature
Sites offering pirated/illegal material for download

Furthermore, to help your data last longer, data-intensive applications and software updates are disabled.