Your intense honeymoon in Mauritius

Lovebird couples
Mauritians are incurably romantic. It shows in their way of life and their tender care towards lovebird couples. This warm support added to the natural beauty of the island make Mauritius the favourite destination for a wedding or a honeymoon that will remain unique, memorable.
The reputation of honeymoon packages offered by most hotels on the island is partly based on their people who are smiling, attentive to your every desire. Arriving at the hotel, gifts are awaiting you in your room: fruit platter, bottle of wine, sarongs, t-shirts, etc. Dreaming of an unforgettable evening? Then you might just enjoy dinner for two on your special table set up away on the beach, at the water's edge. The next day promises to be even better with massage and aromatherapy bath for two¦
Newlyweds are always pampered in these hotels with undeniable know-how, whether they form part of the large hotel groups of international reputation or the island's best small hotels with an irresistible charm.
Walking around hand in hand with your partner, you can just feel the Mauritian's genuine consideration for lovers. The street merchants offer cold drinks, the restaurant set you at the most romantic table, taxis take you to beautiful places ... On the vast beaches, in the picturesque streets, under the coconut trees and in natural landscapes where tropical flowers flourish, the honeymoon makes real sense.
Everywhere, you will be surrounded by attentive care that can also be discreet enough to make you feel pampered while having the feeling of being alone in the world. And let the honeymoon be more intense ...