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Rodrigues - The Little Eden

Away from excessive modern consumerism, Rodrigues takes you back to the essence of things. Unwind and rejuvenate on this small island about an hour's flight from Mauritius.

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Hotels and restaurants uphold the local island's character and propose the local cuisine.

There the day starts early: It's time to feed the chicken or work on the maize field. On the surface of the lagoon, the thin canoes set out for a day's catch.

Prefer visiting by walking: Lace up your sneakers and go out through lush forests or on the trails through the villages. People will greet you on your way and you may be offered a glass of lemonade.

Take a boat to Coco Island, the magical bird sanctuary. Admire the giant tortoises at Anse Quitor natural park. Dance on the beat of the sega. On Saturday morning, don’t miss the picturesque Port Mathurin market.

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All in all, explore an island that has preserved its soul.

The unspoiled island of Rodrigues could be the Indian Ocean’s best kept secret and a huge part of its attraction is that it is so well preserved.

Things to do and places to visit in Rodrigues

Discover Rodrigues’ authentic lifestyle, its culture, folklore, fauna and flora.  Enjoy fresh food and simple life style during your stay,

  • Caverne Patate
    Descend into a 600 metre long cave system full of stalactites and stalagmites.  Located directly underneath a coral plain, Caverne Patate formed as the result of tectonic plate movement, and is now one of the most popular tourist sights on Rodrigues.
  • Kitesurfing
    Best surfing spots is in the south of Rodrigues island.  Mourouk beach on the south coast is renowned for kite-surfing.  Anyone with average kiting skills can enjoy these remarkable down winders.
  • Hiking
    Walking is also the best way for visitors to capture the essence of Rodrigues.  The undulating and hilly landscape offers breathtaking views.. Take a walk to Cascade Victoire, discover the forest at Saint Gabriel around the old stone church, and admire the amazing views of the southern lagoon.
  • Running in Rodrigues
    Rodrigues Trail - its signature trail running event.  Trail runners can choose from 4 different courses from 7km to 50km criss-crossing the island with some incredible coast, beach and mountainous backdrops to savour.
  • Diving
    Seasoned and beginner scuba divers will find much to explore in the waters of Rodrigues.  The more popular sites include the exotic sounding Couzoupa, Pirate’s Hole, Ti Colorado, Coco Fesse and Neptune Pass. An especially popular spot off the south east coast of Rodrigues is the 17m ‘Canyon’ dive site, with its incredible topography and openings under the reef, which allow long shafts of sunlight to filter through. The density of Rodrigues’ fish life also makes the island an ideal snorkelling destination, for those not quite ready to take the full scuba plunge.


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