Role of the Board

The role of the Board is threefold namely:

  • To establish policies,

  • To make significant and strategic decisions; and

  • To oversee the organisation’s activities.

With a view to performing these three roles, the Board undertakes the following:

  • Sets the company’s strategic targets,

  • Ensures that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for the company to meet its objectives,

  • Reviews management performance,

  • Sets the company’s values and standards,

  • Ensures that its obligations towards the stakeholders are understood and met. 


  • Mr Marday VENKETASAMY (Chairperson) , G.O.S.K., C.S.K.

  • Mr Joseph Edouard Charles CARTIER (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Mrs Kantabye BABAJEE     

  • Mr Nayen Koomar BALLAH, G.O.S.K.

  • Mr James Harold MAYER 

  • Mr Muhammad Yoosuf SALEMOHAMED, C.S.K.

  • Mr Philippe Epaminondas Gaston Maxime SAUZIER 

  • Mr Jitendra Nathsingh BISSESSUR

  • Mr Peter Anthony DAVIES

  • Mrs Ammanah RAGAVOODOO   

  • Mr Goolabchund GOBURDHUN, G.O.S.K.

  • Mr Azim Fakhruddin CURRIMJEE

  • Mr Arvind Parmessur BUNDHUN           

  • Mr Surendra TEELUCK, O.S.K.