Checked baggage

Wondering how many checked baggage items, size and weight you can bring along on your Air Mauritius flight? Find out essential information to prepare your baggage for check-in.

As our passenger, you are entitled to a checked baggage allowance based on various factors such as the fare paid, the class of travel, the origin and destination of your whole itinerary, as well as your Kestrelflyer membership, as applicable.

Before your flight, we recommend that you give due attention to the checked baggage allowances and make yourself aware of the excess baggage charges. 



In that case, you can simply click on the MANAGE BOOKING section of the website for personalised information about your baggage allowance based on your itinerary. Your baggage allowance is also shown on your ticket.

Baggage dimensions

As a general rule, the maximum weight for any piece of checked baggage is 32 kg and the dimensions (length + width + height) should not exceed 158 cm.

Please note that for dimensions exceeding 158 cm up to a maximum of 300 cm, a surcharge will apply.

If your baggage dimensions exceed 300 cm, we request you to make prior arrangements for the baggage to be carried as cargo.

Please call us on +230 207 7575 for more information.

A + B + C = 158 cm

Max. 32kg

Piece and weight concepts

There are two standard checked baggage allowance concepts:

  • Weight concept: Measured by the total weight of checked baggage (shown as weight amount on ticket in kilos).

  • Piece concept: Measured by the number of pieces of checked baggage (shown as number of pieces on ticket,with a maximum weight allowed per piece).

Check our excess baggage rates.

Checked baggage allowance based on origin & class of travel

Based on the piece and weight concept, the baggage allowances for each sector of travel with Air Mauritius are shown in the section below.

Note that the baggage allowance is per passenger, whether an adult or a child (as from 2 years of age). 

Conditions affecting checked baggage allowance:

  • For transatlantic destinations, the transatlantic airline baggage policy will be applied.

  • If another airline is involved in the journey, the most significant carrier’s baggage policy will be applied as per IATA resolution 302.

  • If the journey consists of a stopover and the journey resumes with a different airline, 2 separate baggage policies will be applied.

  • Infants are allowed one piece of 23 kg in both Economy and Business class, except on the Mauritius-Rodrigues leg or vice-versa, where the allowance is one piece of 5 kg.

Baggage in the below table(s) is carried free of charge provided that the dimension (height + width + length) does not exceed 158 cm. If the dimension is exceeded, it will be considered as oversized baggage and charges will be applied.

Excess baggage charges for special categories (Students, seamen, Kestrelflyer members)


Flying with kids? Please visit our page travelling with children for more information.   

Standard Baggage Check-in Procedures

Baggage acceptance at check-in desk opens at least three hours prior to departure. Our check-in staff shall ensure the following for your information and ready reckoning:

  • Dangerous goods signage is prominently displayed on the check-in desk.

  • Assess the exact weight and pieces information based on your proposed checked baggage and identify excess baggage (if any).

  • Ask security related questions for your safety and that of your fellow passengers.

  • Enquire deeper into items that, due to their nature, might contain dangerous goods.

Additional points to be kept in mind

Please note that Air Mauritius reserves the right of refusal with respect to checked baggage which is inadequately packed or unsuitable for air carriage due to its weight, size or nature.

Further, to ensure that your baggage reaches you promptly, every piece of checked baggage should display the passenger’s name. We recommend that all checked baggage bear your name label externally and if you do not wish to have your home address on your baggage, we request you to place at least your temporary and business addresses on the bag.

While we make every attempt to accommodate you, if your bag is damaged, Air Mauritius staff has the right to ascertain that it can reasonably withstand normal handling before it is accepted at the check-in counter. If your baggage is accepted, we shall duly bring the damage to your attention and label the bag with the concerned tag bearing your signature.

When accepting baggage, our staff shall confirm your final destination as you may be subject to a separate contract of carriage by the connecting airlines.