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Rhum and Jazz Band

Rhum and Jazz Band

The Rhum and Jazz band was founded by Toto S Lebrasse in the late 90’s. The objective, was to create a theme band that would play New Orleans and Creole music, as he found that the two styles were linked in an earlier generation. With evolution, the group has in its repertory a number of old blues from America, France, combined with old local songs.

The group started as a 6 pieces band with the following musicians:

Toto S Lebrasse :  Tenor sax and vocal

Judex Bamboche : Trombone and vocal

Paul Jean louis : Piano

Richard Marthe : Accoustic Bass guitar

Gerard Alkoordass : Banjo

Dario Ramdeal : Drums

From the very start, the group has been playing at Le Touessrok hotel and has made their “every Tuesday gig” a must, in order to become a well-synchronized group.

As from the early 2000’s other musicians namely: Marc Mallet (Clarinette), Philip Thomas (Trumpet), Didier Levaillant (Trombone) and recently, Samuel Laval (Alto Saxophone) have joined the team and meet the crew almost every Tuesday.

Today the Rhum and Jazz band, still lead by Toto S Lebrasse, has a network of a dozen of musicians, who  perform on a weekly basis at Le Touessrok  and their live shows have become internationally renown. 

Individual profile

Judex Bamboche  - 46 years - Born in Plaisance , Rose hill

Founder of the Kreol Jazz Pioneers ,very well known band in Mauritius. Judex is also the main singer of the said group together with his wife, Mylene. The group’s repertory is mainly New Orleans jazz music.

Mylene Bamboche : 29 yrs - Born in Plaisance Rose Hill, Mauritius - Married to Judex

Started music as a pop singer then reconverted into jazz singing with the Kreol Jazz Pioneers. Mylene also plays the banjo and turns up today to be the only woman playing the banjo in the indian ocean.

Marc Mallet – 57 yrs - Born in Port Louis, Mauritius

Learned clarinet and saxophone by himself and Chord scale by ears. Former musician from the police band of Mauritius, Marc forms part of the Rum and Jazz band from the early 2000 and is also the clarinet player of the Kreol Jazz Pioneers. 

Philip Thomas – 47 yrs - Born in Pamplemousses  Village , Mauritius

Philip is a diplomee of Berklee School of Music in Boston, USA.  Philip is also a music arranger and forms part of several popular bands in Mauritius as well as side man in several groups over Europe. Philip joined the Rhum and Jazz band in early 2000. 

Samuel Laval – 21 yrs - Born in Plaisance Rose Hill, Mauritius.

Studied music at the Francois Mitterand Conservatoire, Mauritius before joining the Mozar - Atelier in Port Louis. Ex-member of the Swing Café Band, Samuel joined the Rhum and Jazz Band in 2010 as alto saxophone player. Samuel was a private student of the  late  Ernest Wiehe ( great jazz musician and composer from Mauritius) and today is the saxophonist that plays Ernest's part in almost all concert organized to pay tribute to this Mauritian icon.

Paul Jean Louis : 54 yrs

Paul is the leader of the Creolika band and has an important role in the foundation of the Rhum and Jazz band. Learned piano from his very young age , Paul is musician in the hotel circuit for more than 30 years now. Paul has participated in few international promotion tours for Sun Resorts ltd as musician namely in France, Kenya, Singapore and England

Gerard Alkoordass: 48 yrs

Born in Stanley Rose Hill, Mauritius, Gerard comes from a jazz family background. He started to play guitar very young and today plays the banjo with the Rhum and Jazz band. Gerard is also the main guitarist of the Creolika band.

Richard Marthe : 46 yrs

Born in Port Louis, Mauritius. Richard comes from a very musical family background. He has been one of the founder of the Rhum and Jazz band as bass guitar player and also plays the double bass. Richard has participated in few international promotion tours for Sun Resorts ltd. Together with Toto S Lebrasse, they have been touring in Uk, Germany and France on several private and public occasions.  

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